Frequently asked questions

Why take out a Funeral Plan?

There are many reasons for taking out a funeral plan, but the main ones are to ensure that your wishes are known and followed, your loved ones do not have to shoulder the burden of the costs of a funeral and with the costs of funerals on the rise year after year, taking out a pre-paid funeral plan, freezes the costs now, protecting your loved ones from escalating costs.

Can anyone have a funeral plan?

Normally anyone who is over 18 years old can apply for a funeral plan, and we can guide you through a range of plans to suit everyone’s needs and budget. You can also buy a plan for someone else, such as a loved one or close friend.

Do you have to take a medical?

No medical is required to take out a Capital Life Funeral Plan.

Can i pay in monthly Instalments?

Yes, all plans can be paid on a monthly plan. The price of the monthly instalments all depends on how long the plan is take out, minus the deposit that is decided to be put down.

Can I cancel my funeral plan?

Yes. All you need to do is give us a call and we will discuss the diffrent options with you.

How much will a plan cost?

Plans are based on your personal needs so we would need to speak to find the best plan for you. Book a few quote with one of our team today.